We’ll start off this post by saying that this amazzzingness got us featured on the Tijuana Flats Instagram + that’s kinda up on the list of our greatest accomplishments now. 😉

      When planning their engagement session, we decided that it would be fun to go to a few different meaningful places from her + James’ relationship. Truyen told me that they met for the first time at Tijuana Flats in College Park FL so naturally we took this as an excuse to go there and have them “Lady and the Tramp” a hard shell taco. Because why the f not?! We got some beers (me included), a taco + even sat them at the SAME table they met at. See for yourself just how adorable it turned out below!


      For the secondary location, we headed to Ivanhoe Village which is where they live and spend a lot of time at their favorite restaurants and bars! We found cute little alcoves to hide away in + even the Ivanhoe Village lake is a gorgeous view. Honestly these two are so fun + game for anything, we could’ve done their session at the landfill and they’d make an adventure out of it LOL. I cannot wait for their wedding at The Acre Orlando next month!