You ever meet those people who just instantly put a smile on your face and make you wanna be around them more? This was Naomi + Marcus. They are SUCH a fun loving, adorable and carefree couple! We started our session at Kraft Azalea Gardens in Winter Park! We’ve done several sessions here now and it’s definitely a favorite for our couples because of the lake, the lush hanging moss + the lawn is always gorgeous. We had some extra time and wanted to change it up for the second half of the session so we hopped on over to Rollins College which is super close!

      Rollins is a world all in itself; the architecture is just stunning + so unique!

      When Naomi reached out to me about photographing their wedding this February at the Winter Park Farmer’s Market, I was so ecstatic. She is just the sweetest, they are vegetarian + their wedding day visions are DIY and adoooorable. I’m SO EXCITED for this celebration of love that was personalized from scratch with love and care.